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How to use Commitment to fulfill your goals !


Do you know the character of the picture below?


Yes, as you may have answered from the very beginning, this is Rocky Balboa, the character brought to life on screen by Sylvester Stallone in several times and which super skill was a highly noticeable endurance. 

The movie depicted an underdog  boxer whose primarily talent was rising again and again no matter the punishment he was suffering on the ring. Don't you think that having this mindset would substantially increase our chances to reach our goals in life?    

But where this Consistency comes from? How could we improve ours in order to boost our chances to reach those goals? 

I believe we could classify the main external and internal factors that feed our consistency levels:

  • Internal factors that increase consistency:
    •  Genes: There are people around that are Naturally Skilled  for some specific activities. If those activities are aligned with their goals, they normally won't require to spent too much energy. This plus the motivation of doing something better than the average helps to keep them in the path for success.
    •  Passion: Having the passion, even when you are NOT naturally skilled, helps you focusing on the reward for doing something you really like instead of focusing on  the pain suffered when failure occurs. 
  • External factors that increase consistency :
    •  Rewards and incentives: Incentives never fail, the bigger the price at the end of the race the more we are willing to sacrifice and persist to finish it. Although the effect it's not always positive in all scenarios. The are studies proving that big rewards can kill internal motivators and creativity since the focus is higher on the reward instead of the goal itself. 
    •  Commitment: This is a much interesting and undervalued factor that can increase consistency. I encourage everyone to read "Influence" by Robert Cialdini. Among other really interesting topics, he writes about the effect of Commitment and Consistency. 

Commitment is the key to Consistency 

"Once we realize that the power of consistency is formidable in directing human action, an important practical question immediately arises: How is that force engaged? What produces the powerful consistency reaction? Social Psychologists believe the answer is Commitment.

Once a stand is taken, there is a natural tendency to behave in ways that are stubbornly consistent with the stand." Extracted from the book Influence by  Robert B. Cialdini PhD.

As true as the statement "the actions we do can define us". Psychological studies can prove that  "the commitments we take can also reshape and force us to do things we never thought before". So be careful when you take a commitment, especially in public since the more people knows about your commitment the harder will be the need to keep consistent with your words.

The best of knowing about this, it's that we can use that Psychological principle to strength and improve our consistency towards our goals: Just by writing the goals to yourself will improve your chances  but if you share those goals with a community you will feel forced to act consistently with your statements and improve your chances to reach whatever you want.

I hope this post was interesting. Please visit our site, You can share your goals and successes there.
Many Thanks :) 


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